Modmic antlion 4.0 with ATH IM70 compatibility?

im looking for a new mic to do voice recording for reviews and other youtube crap :).
my desktop mic and corsair void headphones both died and i sold them for parts,
Im looking at the Modmic Antlion 4.0 mic and attaching them to my IM70 from audio technica, but the only real place to put the magnet mount is on the audiotechnica logo but the downside is its domed at 0.05mm [black area in the provided images] and im kinda unsure if the things will stay attached.

after about 30 mins of googling i havnt really found anything on this, using modmics on this type of earphone audiotechnica or shure etc.

Modmic's are amazing for adding a mic to your favorite headphones so you can game and chat with friends. I have one and love it. However, it's not great for recording videos. The sound quality is nothing next to a proper microphone setup.

For youtube vids and such, I really recommend getting something like this. (and set it ontop of a sponge or block of foam so you don't get knocks from the table.)

Price gets down to $30...

Price gets down to $90...

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thanks for the help on that there! ill get around to ordering a desktop then. i just fear the mechanical keys being picked up massively and same for my pc case as my gpu and cpu fans are up pretty high around the time i would be recording [ gaming etc ]

I kinda like the sound of mechanical keys... I think most people do. Reducing background noise in recordings is just life when recording audio. lol.

I wish you luck on your journey into audio-recording world. It's dangerous out there. Take this; it will help you.

Types of microphones:

How to get audio level sound good:

How to eq your voice:

Reducing white noise in your recording environment:

thanks bro :)