Modern Warfare 2. Whose getting it?

So all the butt hurt PC gamers are bitching and moaning about dedicated servers when many actually dont hate the new IWnet.

Im thinking of getting it
but wondering if I should get it on PC or PS3.

Im going to rent it for PS3 this week and see how it is.

I really want it for the single player mostly

If you already have it please tell me how IWnet is.

Got it on 360.

Epic. Lvl 40, 11 hours.

Thw IWnet works fine, not giving me bad ping or anything but heck atleast give us the options to host the match ourself and not just private matches! There are exactly 0 games with hardcore mode.. thats gheyeyyy
I got it yesterday btw for pc.

Iwnet is like l4d's server system.. just that in here you cant make the rules.. (as in choose gamemode and kick people)


theres a possibility of getting it but i havent bought any games since red faction

so i proubly gonna buy warfare 2 or borderlands and/or dragon age(which looks pretty good)

Have been playing it for a few days now, it is good, good graphics, game play is epic,

Not many graphics options :(

I already got that shit, all the butthurt people that say the game sucks havent played it yet. You guys are all really fucking retarded for talking shit about a game you havent played or are to poor to buy it.

I would love to play it objectively... But seeing as I wasn't a big fan of the first Modern Warfare and my disagreements with how they've handled the PC version make the proposition very difficult. Still, I may try it out sometime. Personally though, the game that looks most appealing to me this month is Dragon Age: Origins, so if I had a decent PC and the cash to buy a game, that would be it.

torrented this game for the lulz. will go through single player just for the hell of it. dont give a shit about online mode, and lets not forget these type of games (highly scripted "interactive movies") have absolutely no replay value. so although it may seem cool the first time around, if you ever replay it youll know exactly where all the enemies are, and what to expect all the way through and the fun factor = zero.

been playing Dragon Age alot lately tho and ive got to say, its fucking epic. all you kids can have fun playing call of grenades on your lame ass consoles against trash talking 12 year olds and then come online and try and act like everyone else is missing out on something.

Don't think that i'm getting it, didn't like COD4, Way to easy ! What we need is a hardcore game, whitout levels. Only skills, like CS 1.6

I disagree
I played through COD4 single player 3 times on different difficulties
I really enjoyed that game a lot

PC fo' sho' ma nigga

whos buying it?

the games more or less the same thing as cod4 on the console. if you liked that and are willing to pay 60 dollars for some more of the same thing then you will probably like it.

I think Call of Duty 2 was the best multiplayer Call of Duty game.

Gotta agree. It's a good game, but it needs some fixing on the online part.

Gotta agree. It's a good game, but it needs some fixing on the online part.

Agree ! I also liked the singleplayer alot, because unlike cod4 it takes more than a day to complete.

over 7 million copies worldwide across Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Around 55%
of sales are on Xbox 360, 33% on PS3 and the remaining 12% on PC. In
terms of regional breakdowns, over 4.2 million units were sold in the

boycott my ass
look how much it sold on PC

I prefer a short campaign over a long one
so i can hop into MP right after

I hate games that are 25+ hours
which is also a reason why i only play 1 rpg a year
like fall out 3Â
i played that game and beat it 3 times

because it was really good

but other long games i loose interest and end up never finishing it