Modern Dual Processor Builds?

I remember being a little twit and watching a tech show on tv with my dad and seeing the Pentium 3 dual processor boards. Obviously there were later boards that had dual xeons, or do have dual xeons, in a normal or workstation desktop.

Do we have anything like those still? I don't really hear anything about them if they do or they're in server environments and no one gives a rats ass. We care more about having 69 cores and 1337 threads at 50 trillion GHZ nowadays rather than experimental "What if we did this?"

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Well AMD would win the low end server market with dual socket ECC boards for AM3+ and AM1, not sure why they don't work with someone to put that out

but otherwise ya it's just about only in the server market

we need to find one of these boards however for wendell to screw with, it's a dual socket AMD/Intel Board



That just looks really retarded. Because of that, now I want one to screw with and see what it can do.

Dammit now I like it.


I've found the old thread

The only motherboards like this at present are aimed at the workstation market. You could of course a build a very expensive gaming machine with one, but that would be complete overkill and likely not perform any better than the latest i7-6700 quad core CPU!

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I wonder what would happen if we made a PCIe mobo with pentium 3 card processor support.

EVGA SR-2 is still fairly modern.

That's about as close as you'll get.

I actually found a recent board.
The only problem is in trying to make a build on the site doesn't know what to do about dual processor boards. Lol

The SR-X isn't worth it. The magic of the SR-2 was that the Xeons were extensively overclockable, something Intel removed with the update to LGA 2011.

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