Modern DNA Tests have finally found the true identity of "Jack the Ripper"

So after a Century and about 3 Decades the Identity of Jack the Ripper has finally been Revealed and the case has FINALLY been Solved.

I like my fair share of Horror movies and stories especially some based on true stories like this one, but i'm a bit surprised that "Legend" / "Legacy" is finally Over.

Thoughts on this? i thought this was a bit interesting..

The Horror lol

I cant wait until more things like this are solved. Mostly because I hate all the bullshit that revolves around them. 

Yeah there is a bit of a stigma with this "Legacy" if it truly is one anymore but its nice to see Someone took the time to look back into this And finally solve this case. Cause I do believe this was a very popular story in the Vast History of Murder Cases.

Oh, First I thought you were talking about the guy in my profile picture. lol :D

Saw this a day or two ago.  Still waiting on independent confirmation though.  Pretty cool if it turns out to be true.

i doubt it's  him. sounds like a scapegoat. doesnt explain how the bodies were cut with the precision of a surgeon.


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Saw these guys live. They kick ass. Somewhat related.