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Moderating a single topic?


Hiya, I’d like to start a topic under /c/media/anime-movies-tv for THE EXPANSE (a novel/TV series, sometimes called ‘Game of Thrones in Space’). The fandom for THE EXPANSE is an exceptionally friendly bunch, and there’s a strong ethos of avoiding spoilers. I’d like that to carry into into any discussion in a topic posted here, so I’m curious to know if it’s possible that I might moderate in a single topic only?



That’s not possible at the moment. There is some work on category specific moderation, but we don’t have that yet.

I would suggest you can just make the topic and lay out the ground rules in your post. Topic owners have say over their topic, so you can do two things if someone posts spoilers.

You can flag the post and select PM the user and ask them to edit


Or you can flag is as “something else” and ask if we can edit the spoiler out. I doubt people will often break your post rules so i wouldn’t see it as common.

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Cool, thanks for the advice. I had begun writing a spoiler guideline for the topic when I thought to ask my question here. :slight_smile:

Typically fans don’t deliberately spoil, they just sometimes get, erm, overexcited.

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Thanks again! Topic is up at
THE EXPANSE Discussion Thread (read guidelines & use SPOILER tags!)