Modem or router or isp issue?

My wifi networks pull up but I can't connect. Was working perfectly yesterday. Ethernet to modem works. Ethernet to router to computer doesn't work. Tried a spare router and it still doesn't work. Tf?

Does anything else work on the network, ie your phone or other computers?

Sounds like a problem on the computer end imo. Do other devices connect to the wifi without issue? That would rule out the router.

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Nope I will try again hooking it up to ethernet with another computer tho.

Sorry I cant mind read :-
* List the specs of your modem and brand
* List the specs of your router and brand
* What country are you from and WHAT IS YOUR ISP ?
* Have you tired other ethernet leads ?
* Are you using static or auto/dhcp on your computer
* Are you able to webpage into your modem
* Do you have multiple devices in the house/enviroment to check wifi
* Have you tired factory resetting the modem and router/ap or flashing it to latest firmware

Is it just PC connecting to wifi
or can Kodi/console/another PC/laptop/phone connect okay ????

SB6141 Motorola/arris
Asus RT-AC88U
U.S. with cox
I have tried multiple ethernet cables
Idk how to check
None can connect via wifi
Ik my router was up to date because I installed new firmware a week or two ago
Nothing can connect

Did you buy the modem or did the ISP give it to you for free/contact

Did you buy the ROUTER or did the ISP give it to you for free/contact

One way to help isolate the problem would be REMOVE the Router/AP and connect the modem direct into the PC via ethernet

Sorry If my post was unclear. I bought them seperatly. I did try that and it works when wired directly from modem to pc. The wierd thing is that 2 different routers won't work when ethernet is plugged from them to a pc. I made sure I was plugging Wps from router into modem btw.

Hello everyone, I’m new here, I had a question. Regarding the router and modem. I do not quite understand why and how to use them together. I’m an absolute noob in matters of routers and the Internet. Though I built the PC by myself, but I played and worked all my life through the cable.
What I know

  • the modem is the same as the device into which the card is inserted and it distributes the mobile Internet.
  • The router does the same, but distributes the internet from the cable that connects to it.
    And now a natural question, and how to use them together?

I found an article from bestadvisor, but, frankly, it did not really explain anything to me, since it’s not clear. Is there anyone who can explain this in an accessible language to someone like me?)