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you mean Krypton instead of Kryoton, both here and in the Youtube description, right?


Krypton is not compatible with Nexus 4. It makes me sad.

This is really awesome. I’m tempted to give this a try.

The more I look into this, the more it might actually be extremely useful for enterprise use. :thinking:

perfect… i have a s6 laying around now

@wendell This was such an awesome project! I wish I saw the video closer to the publish date. Anyways, I have some questions about this setup since I’m considering a similar solution for managing SSH and PGP keys.

  1. Krypton uses the secure enclaves on iphone and android. What mods did you do to enable storing keys on attached block storage? Did you crack open the APK and decompile+edit the bytecode?

  2. How does your modded device communicate with the paired computer? Krypton seems to negotiate SSH key signing over the internet. I know you ripped the radio out, Is it over the local network?

  3. What are your thoughts on using their supported kr transfer workaround for creating a backup device? What were the limitations there that you saw?

Anyways. Love the content you are producing.

opsec 101 sorry :smiley:

But kr transfer is cool as is this

which has most of what you need for android, ios and the cli.

Don’t forget you can totally run your own ssh agent on there as well. And you can setup IP over USB, direct ethernet into spare ethernet ports on your motherboard, and lots of other communication mediums.

Kryptoco is also adding support for local/bluetooth comms last I checked. For teams they already have it to where the communication is all local, but it can audit over the network. IIRC it actually uses several methods in parallel. Checkout the source.



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