Modded Minecraft Server Lag (or lack thereof)

Since a certain Ryan made comments regarding “mods are going to break the server bla bla already slow with vanilla item farms”, I just want to state here that there are actually quite a few mods that are specifically designed to make item farms not only more compact but also reduce the lag they generate, generally by removing entities from the equation.
Yes I am very much triggered.

I still don´t think modded minecraft would be the right solution for a LvL1tech server, since setting up a modded minecraft instance is going to be too diffcult for half the people here. But if you ever want a modpack that is basically vanilla+ focused on Create (This is Create. - YouTube), which would be amazing to see what the crazy people here can come up with, poke me.

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That was exactly my point.
Ryan complained in one of the LvL1tech shows that mods make a server slow, while the opposite is true, unless you pick mods that make it slow.

Also just in case it wasn´t fully clear, I wasn´t entirely serious with what I posted above.