Mobo Switch

I was wondering if there was a way for me to keep my info that i have now to my next build.

Im upgrading to a 780i and to win7 at the same time, running vista home basic sp1 now.

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upgrading a mobo will have no conflict with the OS, all of the software on the hard drives will stay there. you wont even have to do anything. At worst, windows will detect a hardware change and you'll have to re-enter your windows cd key.

what exactly do u mean by info

if u mean files u can upgrade to windows 7 which should save all ur files/settings
or put ur files on a flashdrive

otherwise im not sure what u mean by info

Just my games, settings, music, internet settings, applications.

and im going to be replacing my mobo first then booting it up with win 7 and having that be my OS.

i believe by upgrading u save all ur info but u might want to back it up in case something goes wrong

kai thx for the halp braaahhh

I believe you will get a ton of problems if you cvhange motherboard and THEN upgrade to windows 7..
Already seen in other threads here on rtw, changing mobo without formatting and new OS = total fail, or might work.

nad UPGRADING to windows 7 isnt a good idea. Install a new Windows 7.. Or else you can just stick with Vista, you wont notice any changes (because all the crap from vista will come with it :] )

Just format bro otherwise you will get nothing but problems

this whole forum is obsessed with formating

"i wanna install crysis"

just to say again, cause i think ive said this before. and i must stress i am not challenging you, i have upgraded from a 790i to an x58 without issue.

Oh BTW, i switch to Windows 7 Ultimate today, so maybe that will make my life easier.