MoBo Swap - Update - Windows 10 Suprise

I am swapping out my Gigabyte Z97 for an ASUS Z97. (because reasons)

Should I

A:/ Wipe drivers and Clone the boot drive
B:/ Wipe and reinstall the OS and other programs
C:/ Wipe and reinstall the OS and copy/paste programs from original configuration.
D:/ Something else?


I have Win 10 on a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD
I swapped everything over w/o wiping the boot drive or uninstalling drivers. Windows just did some updates during the first boot, took about two minutes, and I was up and running.

The way to avoid most headaches would be to bite the bullet and wipe everything and reinstall it all with new mobo drivers

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Thanks to everyone that gave me input.

Did it cause any trouble with regards to their activation ?

Nope. none

Wenn switching out motherboard on the same platform, mostly does not realy cause too manny hurtles.
Because those boards mainly share the same controllers for manny things.
I allways do recommend to uninstall any motherboard specific software before swapping boards.
And if your windows license key is retail, then you could simply reactivate it again without any issues.
With a OEM license its a diffrent story doe.

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