Mobo suggestions

For note, I have a phenom and a 1st gen i7. I had the i7 lined up to sell but I might just keep it and sell the phenom. I don't know yet.

I need a new mobo and a new case. I have a case picked out, but I want a mobo that won't be a giant piece of fucking shit like the one I already have. In case you don't know, if I have something like a NVidia 9800 in my computer it boots up fine and I don't have to do anything. However if I have something like my 370 in the machine I have to PHYSICALLY PUSH THE CARD DOWN into its pci slot.

No I am not fucking kidding.

So I dunno what to do at this point. Maybe not sell my i7 and get a board for it! Hell it turbo's really nice and it has overclocking room. 30 bucks for a nice board.

I'm just getting really pissed ATM.

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This has already been worked out and done. I'm going to count this as a necro.