Mobo for 4770k

Looking for a good board for the z87 chipset. Currently looking at the MSI g45 but I would like more power stages on my mobo. Would love some help with my decision. Ideally I would like the price point the g45 which is 150$, my limit however is 175$. Suggestions welcomed. 

the msi z87-mpower is a realy nice board to get if you could afford it has 16 powerphases for the cpu and digi vrm, also it contains bluetooth and wifi onboard.

if the mpower is to expensive then the Asus Z87-PRO is also a very good choice it is in your price range $175 on newegg, this board has 12 powerphases and digi vrm. also this board contains bluetooth and wifi onboard.

Grtz Angel ☺

Looks like a nice board but that color scheme... lol

How about the MSI gd45? I know its the same price as the Pro. and pretty much a g45 with more powerphases and sata ports. Do u think I'll be fine with the g45?

Also one more question, I know this is not the PSU forum, but should I get the Corsair ax 760 80+ Platinum or the HX 850 80+ gold. I can get the HX 850 for 10$ cheaper.

you cannot realy compair a msi Z87 G45 gaming with the Asus Z87 pro, because the asus Z87 pro has much more feutures.  it has 8 sata 6gb/s ports it has bluetooth and w-lan, it has 6 usb 3.0 ports, and it has 12 powerphases.

The Msi Z87-G45 gaming has 8 powerphases only 6 sata 6gb/s ports, and only 4 usb 3.0 ports. it does NOT have wlan or bluetooth. 

About the psu: why do you need so manny watts? For a single GPU setup you would be fine with a Decent 550W/650W psu, like the corsair RM650W 80+ gold.

In that case, I will just drop my PSU since I have a Seasonic 620 80+ bronze and get the Msi Mpower or is the 30$ jump to the Mpower Max worth it? I plan on gettting my h100i sometime soon in my Fractal Define R4 so of course I'm going to OC it.

oh gosh yes that  seasonic 620W is decent enough.  Wel the jump to the Mpower max worth the extra $30, well the mpower max has 20 powerphases  and digi vrm, but thats the only big diffrence,, not realy worth in my opinnion, 16 powerphases should be decent enough. i would spend the money else where like a good GPU. good overclocking numbers you also need a bit of luck with the CPU it self. a 4.6 GHZ stable on hasswell is decent.

you could also look at the msi Z87 GD65-Gaming this board has 12 powerphases but no wlan or bluetooth, these boards are more designed for gaming not realy for overclocking, but still they can. Mpower line boards are offcourse better overclockers, then the gaming boards.

Looks like I'm buying the Mpower then :) Thanks for the help. Looked at all the features the board has and it will be worth the extra money.

i realy love the mpower line boards, i´m so mad at msi, that they did not build a  Msi 990FX Mpower board just for me.. i cry my self to sleep for that haha :p

Lol, I have the Gigabyte 990fx board and it did not have the UEFI bios even though when I bought it , it said it was UEFI so I did not want to buy another board so i just picked up the i7. Sorry 8350 :( lol. Just wanted the extra power that came with the 4770k so I have it sitting here and I used will call so i should be able to pick it up the M Power tomorrow with Will Call with Newegg.