Mobo fan connectors?

I'm buying the AsRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard and the NZXT Phantom case. I'd like to know do I plug the case fans into the motherboard or the power supply? If I do need to plug them into the psu is a different connection used? Do I need to get an adapter of some sort or will it work with the 4-pin connector? (btw I'm using a modular power supply if that makes a difference).

I'm a first-time builder who wants to be sure of absolutely everything before I even start.

Thanks a lot in advance guys! :)

Hey i have an asrock extreme 4 and an NZXT phantom full tower case my psu is a modular psu. (seasonic 750 x series) all i had to do was plug the  psu into the case's fan controller (it's the one with 4 pins i believe), and then plug each fan into the fan controller that was already in the case. so in my experience the the motherboard was not used.

Thanks so much, man. I can always rely on the lovely people of the TekSyndicate forums. :D