Mobile x86. Rise, Mortals! <Steamin' and Streamin' on the Bay Trail...?>

Mobile x86, you beauty!

I don't know about you guys but Intel's latest low powered Atom chips and the form factor possibilities they open up have radically diverted my interest from drooling over endless streams of top-of-the-line hardware geek out reviews, builds and pointless benchmark porn to the potential home set up solutions waiting to be unlocked in these smaller form factors when paired as thin clients to a powerful centralized machine.

Gaming wise, NVidia and Valve obviously agree, curiously there seems to be a gap between products like the Proprietary, expensive entry and one-track minded nature of the NVidia Shield and the puzzlingly optimistic high spec focus we see with the commercial Steam Machines so far.

With the runaway success of low cost, low powered Quad-Core x86 or x64 devices such as the Asus T100 Windows 8 Tablet, have you guys considered maybe doing an episode where you push one of these machines to their limits by using it as a Steam In-Home streaming client device? (And for the love of Thor, using Gigabit Ethernet and not the low bandwidth latency retarded unstable mess that is WiFi)

For some reason there's very few Youtube demonstrations of people trying this out and their approach lacks any form of informative analysis regarding bottlenecks or further experimentation, it sounds like a perfect job for TEKSyn...

Also, what's your thought on these new Atom Architectures and the potential waiting to be unlocked once x86/x64 hits the palm of our hands?

Android and iOS have built up an empire, true, but the pure kinetic energy behind the Windows Software base, wrapped up into a tiny, I/O ridden device that shares a pocket with your car keys is sure to bring a smile to the face of people like me who've been holding off from buying newer mobile devices ever since it became apparent that the achilles heel of the latest and greatest tablet and Smarthphone devices have more to do with limitations in the software and OS flexibility than the actual hardware.

Your thoughts on this topic would warp Spacetime and cure Scurvy.