Mobile Phone recommendation?

Hey all, I’m at my wits end with my OnePlus 3’s battery life. Down to 35% from 100% in 3 hours playing music at the gym. :grimacing:

I’m considering the next logical step up being the 6T or 7 (non-pro), although, it seems that you can’t get the 7 in the US for some reason. I absolutely detest curved screens, so I’m curious if anyone has any recommendations as far as alternatives go. I’d like to stay under $600, and don’t really care about camera quality.

What matters:

  • fast
  • lineageos support
  • no pop-up camera (notch okay)
  • 128GB+ storage
  • tmobile network support
  • Good battery life
  • Fingerprint reader on the front. Doesn’t have to be in-screen, but a rear fingerprint reader is big dumb.
  • no curved screen edges.

Headphone jack a plus, but it seems like that’s dead and gone these days. :frowning:

Any suggestions?

Oh, I don’t want huawei or honor shit.

How about an alternative option that will save you a heap of cash? Keep your phone and just get an mp3 player? I know it’s a very late '90s solution but being willing to spend many hundreds of dollars on replacing a phone just because you need to listen to music for extended time might not be the best solution.

Moto Z4?

Not sure exactly what you mean by “fast”, nor do I know if it has Lineage support, but it checks every other box. Even has a headphone jack and microSD slot.

I don’t have knowledge of NA situation, but Honor Play has been an awesome phone for me.

Odd Ball: S10e
Only Lineage Support in the US is pretty much a no-go. Other than that, i’m really happy with mine and it does fulfill all your requirements.

If stock/lineage is a must have feature, maybe the Pixel Line is a better bet.

Finally The Redmi Note 7 Pro is officially supported by lineage and should also fulfill all your requirements. Xiaomi is still really easy to unlock and tinker with.

If official lineage is a must, but china is not an option, the LG V20 is still an great phone. Yes, a tad old, but can be had really cheap and the DAC/Amp for Headphones is still leagues ahead of anything currently on the market…

Edit: Another Odd ball: The Essential PH-1 has come down in price considerably. You can pick that up for 499. Also a bit 2017 in specs, but powerfull enough. Only downside here is the FP in the back. Also officially supported by Lineage.

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lol I thought the same thing. I still have a cheap mp3 player I use on occasion. Though it’s definitely a dying breed. Haven’t looked for one going on 10 years. Another plus is that it’s easy to clip on your clothes so wire doesn’t get in your way, and of course the jack itself :wink:

Guess I’m old fashioned.

I have an ipod 5th gen already. The comment about music wasn’t so much about the music killing it but the fact that it used to last 18 hours doing this sort of stuff and now it probably won’t last 4.

I appreciate the recommendation though. (and the only reason I wasn’t using the ipod yesterday was because I accidentally left the ipod in my offsite garage. I have to run and get it one of these days.

I want something with a fairly beefy processor. Not one of those entry-level phones that the phone barely has the specs to do what’s needed.

I’ll have a look, thanks!

Will definitely check it out.

This actually looks like it might be what I’m looking for.

I’m a bit iffy on China, but really the concern isn’t so much china, but reliability. I’ve come to trust OnePlus, since my 3 has lasted so long. I’ve not had experience with Xiaomi, so that’s my qualms.

100% deal breaker. I had a phone with an unlock on the back (before fingerprint sensors) and I wanted to throw it every time I had to use it.

I think the the Snapdragon in the Z4 is considered mid-level. Not the fastest, but not slow either.

The Xaomi Mi 9 may be an option. No headphone jack, microSD, water resistance, and a slightly smaller battery, but does have a beefier CPU and more RAM. Unsure on Lineageos.

It’s still quicker than the 3.

Battery is pretty important to me, which is why I’m eyeing the OP7

I’ve never understood why companies put such a heavy emphasis on cameras.

Like, don’t get me wrong, I like having a camera on my phone, but it doesn’t need to compete with my A7S, for fucks sake.

I’d like to see something with a camera that doesn’t take away space from the battery, and is middling. Stop it with the “5 different cameras that all have different focal lengths, oh, and this one is IR, and this one is kinda like a thermal camera” bullshit. It’s a phone, not a camera.

Probably going heavy on cameras for Snapgram and Instachat.

The Moto Z4 apparently also supports the Moto Mods, so you could strap on a first party 2220 mAh battery pack onto the phone if you want 5800 mAh of battery. Or one of those cameras you seem to like :smile:

SnatchSnap and Pussygram are pretty great my dude. :joy:

Hnnnnnggggg might have to look more into it.

Moto z3 play. Has lineage support, I’m starting a rom soon, and I’m in telegram with the one of 4 devs for the device daily. However, theres only 2, soon to be 3, roms, and only 2 available kernels. But, as a replacement for my V20 ( which I didn’t want to replace but battery issues forced me to ), the unlockable bootloader is nice, designed by the thinkpad team, droid 9 and 10 compatible (tho if I have any say in it it’ll keep going for a while), but no headphone jack.

Juxtepose that against the 6T with its 24 roms, 35 kernels, etc.

But I like it.

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Hi!. I use a Caterpillar B-25 :joy: (no kidding) Wait! Don’t fight with me, It is a mobile device, I can carry the phone everywhere :smiley:

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I briefly looked at the b25. It’s not bad, but not really my cup of tea. I think I’m gonna order the op7 and see if it suits my needs. If not, I’ll just send it back. :man_shrugging:

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Looking at a cat S31 for my mom :stuck_out_tongue:

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