Mobile Mining

Can you imagine mining bitcoin with a smartphone, like a GS4? How long do you think it'd take to mine a coin? Purely curious. I understand it'd take a ridiculously long time, but how long? 

Well let's assume for the sake of argument an S4 is equivalent to 4 Raspberry Pi's (and because no one is actually stupid enough to even attempt a hashing on a Pi CPU or GPU we have to look to [email protected], which estimated the power to a 1/5 of a AMD Phenom II x4 core) So we can say around 100M/Hashes per core. So around 400M/hashes for an S4 (not using the GPU)

Plugging those details in here:

It would take approximately (assuming difficulty didn't increase over time) 3 years and 79 days! (At the current difficulty of 1,180,923,195)

FUN! Obviously this is all guess work, but I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't that far out.

Also just for the LOL's when bitcoin first started up. To mine one block would of taken just....wait for it..... 10 seconds :P