Mobile Headphones under $100

I am no expert on mobile headphones and needed help picking out one. I want a decent sounding pair of headphones that is also durable and comfortable. I don't expect much from the price range, but I really want to get a nice pair of headsets for on the go for my phone and laptop.

I got the Steelseries Flux Luxury edition in december for £30 which is pretty cheap as they are £110 on their website although $77 in the usa so thats like £45.


maybe cheaper in other places?

I love them, nice sound, quality durable build and useful accessories withe the lux ed. I find them comfortable although maybe after like 6hours of gaming you may feel it on the ears but its not painful if that makes sense and I guess most people don't generally game or wear them for that amount of time.


If interested I would compare them to the standard edition and see what suits you best and value for money. I think its basically that the lux ed has leather ear pads, few more cables, a carry pouch and extra ear panels which are decoration only.

Sennheiser HD518 $96.00 at newegg this weekend they retail for $130. Will be the best option that I can think of for under $100. Buy a 1/4" to 1/8" whip for using with cellphones/mp3 players it comes with an adapter but the whips are more convenient. Something that looks like this

Newegg HD518