Mobile data plans when traveling to China?!?

So I have this friend whom travels to China regularly with logs on a boat (he fumigates), the problem he is having is the data costs from his New Zealand based co. are charging 7-day 1GB data for $20NZD (and 200 txt / voice mins) … Its crazy expensive.

What other options are there? does not need to be a New Zealand Telco as far as I know, just needs a SIM and plan that supports China travel and data options, even a SIM from Australia would do. I see no reason why he can’t get one from elsewhere also!?¿

That’s the question, what options are available since I have no experience in these things, I just know he is being completely bent over on this BS plan!

I think the advantage of the BS plan is that its not within the Great Firewall?

If you do the local chinese plan, you may need to set up WeChat, get another sim and basically swim alongside the sea of data and be caught in the government sponsored dragnet surveillance.