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Mobile Data Network Speeds - It's fast these days isn't it? (Kent, UK)


I moved to another network last week (away from Vodafone after many years). Jeez, the speed I was missing out on, think I used to get 3-5MB at best and reception was awful. Actually had 7-10 days of no mobile phone calls a few months ago, no apology from Vodafone at all - I had to ride a few miles away from home to pick up messages! (unless I was near a landline, then I rang myself to get messages).

I’m probably late to the party, but it is quite nice having this extra speed, though completely pointless for most of my day. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, connectivity is like water & electricity. Everyone should have it these days.
Good for you it got fixed by changing carriers, sucks if you would’ve happened to live in a total blind spot.



Be happy. :wink:
I still know places that do not have coverage despite what some telecoms claim.



Cheers - yeah wish I’d done it years ago, but they kept on giving me pretty reasonable offers. I’m now paying £11.50 for 6GB data and unlimited minutes/text. More importantly though, I have actual service in the places I live and work!!!



Cheers Tim :slight_smile:

Absolutely, I know places that still have 0.5 meg…via broadband, and they’re only miles from massive towns.