MOAR game codes, for free. [CLOSED]

Got my friend to donate his other keys, he only wanted Sims 3 and BF3.


So who wants them? Add me on Steam, and ask for the codes. I've got the first 5 HumbleBundle games for you, Steam and Origin.


Last time I had a load of these they went missing within a couple of minutes and no one could claim them so Steam Message me so I can keep track.


Steam Name: LA33R.

Steam Display Name: Dickins.


Games claimed will be maked with bold text.



Dead Space : Origin - Steam

Burnout Paradise : Origin - Steam

Crysis 2 : Origin - Steam

Dead Space 3 : Origin

Medal Of Honor : Origin - Steam

Mirrors Edge : Origin - Steam

iv added you, will reply if i got anything , though of coures its up to you

thanks for Burnout Paradise its much appreatiated 


May i have the Crysis 2 I don't have steam atm but i will download it soon


I like how nobody's touching origin keys , even with a 10ft pole.

Add ya man. Also, thanks for doing this just in general, giving back to the community that gives.

Could I get the copy of Crysis 2 for Steam for a friend? Just PM me if you would give it to me.

Crysis 2 on origin plz

Send via my contact me on my profile, cannot access steam or origin at the moment

Thank you

deadspace 3 origin please contact me on steam at bobm2709

Dead Space steam please! JollyGreenGiant.

I, cubier, request that the Crysis 2 key be delivered to me. May GabeN bless your soul for this generosity!

A Dead Space 3 would be nice. :)

Origin: EpiclyDelicious


Dead Space, MOH and Mirrors Edge only for Origin left.

can i have mirros edge?


ill take whatevers offered, if you can spare it,

as of now i have plannetside 2 metro 2033 and dota 2,

so anything other than those, well that would be fuckin awsome ;)

this site rocks!