I'm usually an FPS and RTS kind of guy, but I'm starting to get bored of playing those games so I was thinking of starting to play an mmo and was wondering if you guys knew any good ones, preferably free or freemium.

rusty hearts is sorta like a devil may cry beatem up

and there's Ragnarok online 2, which is basically WoW snorting up anime crack

check out global agenda. it was fun when there were more people playing, not alot of people on it lately tough.

A couple of my friends play mabinogi so I was thinking of giving that a try


RIFT is my current favourite game and it goes f2p on the 12th of june

SWTOR - im a star wars fan and its fun to wield a lightsaber - It is F2P as well

Guild Wars 2 - no subscription good fun and slightly different from the norm

Eve Online - also FTP havent played it but I have only heard good things