Looking for a new Mmorpg to start playing. any recommendations?

Have you played NeverWinter, it's easy to get into and the combat is just perfect 


I might start up runescape again pretty soon. I haven't played it in a real long time and it seems to have been updated to a wow-esque style with all these abilities and it looks pretty cool. You should take a look.

I hate to say it, but everything about runescape is broken. It used to be so perfect know its pretty much pay to win cause the economy is ruined. The only way to make money is to fight suepr high level bosses cause all the other non combat skills are nerffed now. i would recommend Guild Wars 2. Really cool world and fun combat. Only pay 60$ once. But the end game sucks you may only get a 100 hrs out of it or so. I am playing through SWTOR again. Alot has changed and it feels better than it did. Amazing story lines but does have some pay to win aspects.

flyff, was fucking amazing, from what I remember. I don't believe it's changed much, you should give it a try.

I played Runescape for a few weeks a while back as I was a hardcore player back in the day and well. All I did was buy stuff from the exchange and alch it into gold. Game is apauling and RuneScape 3.0 is just a rebranding. Nothing I could see was new on the front of it.