Mixing Fan sizes? Need help

Okay fellow tech dudes, this one is a little different.

Background specs:
Case: Phanteks enthoo evolved
CPU cooler: NZXT Kraken x62
Fans: thermaltake premium riing fans

Alright so I bought me a pack of 120mm TT riing fans (newer model). I wanted 2 packs, but micro center only had one. So I ordered another online.
My dumbass ordered 120 mm instead of 140 which is the size my rad supports.( Keep in mind that these will be running low rpm and I have noctua running push formation on the rad from the other side. TT fans are for looks and air flowhelp)

So I can just run to the micro center and return the 120mm fans and order 140 sets for both while trying to work something out with thermaltake. However I can only run 5 fans like this 2 top, 2 front, one exhaust because case limitations.


just return the one pack to micro center and hang onto the 120 mm pack that comes in today and order a 140mm pack as well. But now I'm forced to run 3 120s at the top, my aio rad at the front with the 2 140s and the 1 140 as exhaust. Alternatively I can do 3 front 120s and 2 top 140s as well. This would group the sizes closer to each other so that you can't really tell but...

Basically I'm inclined to do the second thing but I want to know if it'll look stupid. Would the size difference be noticeable?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

I would return the fans that are the wrong size. It doesn't matter much what size they are really, you'd want a little more intake than exhaust that's all. Why? Dust buildup in every little way air can get into the case, annoying.

And I hate bling fans. Totally the wrong person to ask about looks :-)

These are pretty much the only 120 fans I use:

Besides, there are plastic adapter for 120 fans on 140 mountings. I've use something like these:

Had 5400 RPM 120 fans on a 3x140 rad. Loud, but nice perf.