Mixed Res Portrait eyefinity/surround?

i recently upgraded to 2 3gb gtx 660ti's, and am very happy with my results. im also wanting to try out some form of portrait surround settup, but a 1080p monitor in portrait is just too narrow for me. so i was thinking of trying a center 1920x1200, with 2 1080p's on either side. what do you guys think about this? or, more importantly, can it be done?

Thanks - Habib

As far as i know, Eyefinity has to use the same resolution on all screens.

that's depressing.. oh well. back to the drawing board i guess

You can, but it does have draw backs.

As eyefinity effectivley makes a virtual display, that it maps across the multiple screens. The image it makes is large enough to cover all the screens.

In your case (from left to right, 1080p landscape, 1080 portrait, 1080p landscape) the effective resolution is near enough 4920x1920. As your displays dont actually eqaul this. The left over will simply be cut off, so in games, HUDS maybe cut off for example.

well, actually it'd be from left to right: 1080x1920, 1200x1920, 1080x1920. so it's 1920 vertical pixels on all 3 screens in portrait. the only difference is that the center monitor would be slightly wider than the other 2. but would this work?

well you would cut off alot of any image sooooo, I wouldn't

hmm.. well, how about those 21:9 monitors? anyone have experience with those? i'm just bored with 1080p screens, and have a few bucks to throw around