mITX with 64 GB Support


Which are the mITX boards which can take upto 64 GB RAM? I am looking to build a small cube with up to 64 GB RAM and core i7. Any suggestions for the complete bundle.




only the Msi X79MA-GD45 is a micro atx board with 64GB ram support on 4 slots.

But mini itx boards for socket 2011 dont even exist as far as my knowledge goes. Hasswell only supports upto 32GB of ram.

There arnt any. AMDs fm2 supports up to 16gb dims and ive seen custom boards at a local fab lab that can but they would run you like 500ish and have no driver support and are limited to specific CPUs in each socket.

Well, essentially all boards are limited to specific CPUs in each socket.

Also, there are no mITX X79 boards, which is the only consumer-grade Intel socket that supports more than 32GB total system memory of the past 3 generations.

While you can't get 64gb or RAM with a mITX system, you can still get a pretty compact PC using some of the smaller mATX cases. What do you thing of this?



What are you builing, and why? 64GB of RAM? That's so much, I feel a little dizzy just thinking about it.

*clears throat for trolling voice* o am i the only one with 4x 16 core opterons with 516gbs of ram for my home work rig?


Quad Xeon rigs, and quad Opty rigs, can support up to a TB of RAM.

bro i was trying to be legit bout it. really a 1tb of ram is just crazy! lolz jk

It isn't that crazy for servers.

LOLz for a normal person thats alot of memory man. and i cant buy boards that big where i live. Id have to have one shipped in cuz the local store doesnt carry anything over 64gb ones the 192gb i got was a deal to get, had to fill out paper work and stuff with the local shipping out post.

its limited to like a i7 4770k specifically it cant use any other chip even if its in the same socket and family is what i was trying to say. should have explained better.


It's very crazy for mITX.