Mitx virtualization servers

I want to make an itx virtualization server so I can put it on a shelf. what do you guys recommend? the case I'll use is the CM elite 110. dual onboard nics would be good but definitely not a must. other than that, I don't know if I want an i3 or an i5 because I don't know how much difference there is between 2C/4T and 4C/4T. I won't be running a ton of VMs so I don't know if I need 8gigs of ram or 16...maybe start with an 8gig stick and then go from there? also please suggest storage. I'll be running some basic wordpress servers and minecraft servers. one of the vms will also be a print server so I think I have a basic workload. I know it's a lot and I appreciate all the suggestions. budget is kinda low cause I don't really have a lot of money and I want something relatively cheap. nameday is coming up so I hope my currently available 10 euros become more like 60 or more.