mITX Build

I am building an mini-ITX gaming computer. I have a primary computer, but since i go to alot of LAN-parties and competitions (and my main build is a quite heavy full tower) I want to build a m-ITX build. 

Current Plan:

Case: Bitfenix Priodgy

CPU: i5 3570K

GPU: EVGA GTX 670 Superclocked w/Backplate 4GB

Motherboard: EVGA Z77 Stinger

CPU Cooler: Corsair H80i

PSU: Corsair CX600W

SSD: Kingston HyperX 3K 240 GB 

Memory: Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB 1600Hz


I am planning to only install a few games on it, which is why I only have 1 SSD.

Anything that I should think about or change. I am open to recommendations.

This seem like a solid build but if you went a size larger (M-atx) nzxt makes a case with a handle


Yes it looks fine BUT SERIOUSLY how many of these threads do we need?!

This looks great. :D If you want to you could look in to something like theCooler master Haf XB. I think you should be able to get that one around easily.

And to Ruffe: Stop being so rude.

I'm may be rude. I'm sick of people posting the same specs over and over again. I'm sure there has been 4 extremely similar m-ITX builds posted in this very forum past two weeks. Different brands here and there but it's the same fucking build. Can't people think for them selfes, or do they really need 20 other opinions to make it even more confusing for themselfes?

tl;dr - This forum needs a better searchfunction. 

You're being a little bit of a dick (having a bad day, anything we can help with?)

What did you expect from a topic named "mITX Build" in the 'build a pc' section.....?

You know know full well new hardware drops all the time, and the deals change every the best parts for a mini-ITX gaming computer today probably wont be the same as last week. No need to come in and hate, just don't read the post that have been clearly titled, and that you know will aggravate your sensibility.




Looks like a good set up.....very close to what im looking to build for a front room gaming PC.

if you post links to where you are thinking of getting the parts, people may help you find a better price or a more cost effective alternative.

Sure, I'll just ignore reposted threads and let you guys repeat yourselfs in every 3rd. post you make. I'm dead serious.

OP: Sorry to ruin your thread. This won't happen to others in the future.

I suggest a microATX for a 670.

Thanks for the recommendations, forgot to say that i have already got the case. So any board size and/or case changes would be difficult. But since most of you say it's okay I will go with it. I might look into buying a 660 ti, but currently the 670 is on sale for 17% here.