MITX build for airplane travel

I'm planning on flying for work in the next couple of months or so, and I want to get something powerful and mobile. I was thinking of getting a laptop, but I can probably get more power with less money spend on a M-Itx build. 

These will most likely be the parts for it,  since I want something to handle design and graphics software, all in a coolermaster elite 130 case, although I'm also thinking of going with the Corsair 250D case, since I want to be able to take it on the plane with me as a carry on luggage.I saw the silverstone sugo pack and it looks that it might do the job.

Has anyone tried this before? Any tips?




For a carry-on, I think the 250D is a bit big.  Even the Elite 130 is a tad bit big, but may work.

Way overkill on the power supply.

I think the Node 304 is a good size of a case.  I like it a lot better than the Elite 110/120/130.

And if you wondering, here's my build:

Case fans are quiet and case itself is really nice to build in.  The Seidon 120V is cheap and works.  I had one with a clicky pump, but a RMA to cooler master and the one I got works flawlessly.

1600mhz RAM is fine for gaming.  If you're going to be rendering, look into higher clocked memory.

If you are going to take one or two trips, then a micro ATX tower wouldn't be that big. Last year, I flew with my build which was a cheap micro ATX case. I unplugged the graphics card first, put the monitor in it's original package and inside my luggage along with the peripherals. The case went inside it's box so i had three pieces of luggage including my carry-on bag. 

But if you are going to travel often, then maybe look at something like EVGA hadron, or bitfenix prodigy.

I was thinking about the EVGA Hadron, since its small and I prefer to have it as a carry on luggage, since I wont be taking a monitor with me. But it the heat output of the case worries me and the GPU card length it supports.

Yeah, I'm gonna use it for rendering too so you're right, faster ram are a better option. The node 304 is about the same size as the cm 130, about 20mm longer and here in Cyprus where I live, its half the price of the node 304; the cm 130 is about 50 Euros ($70) and the node 304 100 Euros ($140). This way I can spend the extra money on faster ram.

I found a bag, similar to the silverstone one, to carry it on the plane.

Thanks for the help!

With a tiny case, heat is always an issue but with good cable routing it can be managed. The case also has two 120mm fans up front. Evga website says the hadron supports Graphics Card 10.5in - 267mm in length. Which card do you plan on buying? I would get any card as long as it isn't a reference design.

I've been reading about the evga. Its kinda expensive here, but the trade off is a smaller size, and people seem to replace the top fans with noctua ones. I'm still debating on the GPU, either an evga GTX 770, which just barely fits, or a GTX 760 Mini.

I've looked at the Lian Li PC-TU100, which is a beautiful case, and about the same price as the Evga Hadron Air, with a Silverstone 450W PSU. So I guess its all about which GPU I'll get in the end. 

I have light rendering pc in SG05 and silverstone sfx 450 w 80+ gold. 

Im working with evga 670 and i think if you are not going to overclock that (mine) supply will easily run gtx 770.

only issue is the hdd mounting because of the radiator and fans.

I decided to flip the suply around to take air from outside, and mounted my WD one  to the bottom of the supply, between motherboard and suply.

hope it helped! 

I brought a PC in the arc midi r2 case on a plane as a carry on in December without the CATSA batting an eye. A 250D/Elite 130 is not too big, it all depends what you are willing to carry.


edit: check your airline's carry on baggage specifications. I got away with a device that was 20cm too tall, but it really depends on the people who let you through

It did, thanks! The SG05 looks like a pretty cool case and with the 450W PSU included is cheaper than the Hadron.

Probably something in the range of the CM 130 and smaller. Easier to carry. 

may i recommend you to take a look at this it might be perfect for you. I introduce you to the Colugo:


Yup, brilliant!

Good!! (Y) 

I love the size of Sg05! It might be the right case fore carrying around!