Mistral is selling military stink bombs to US police departments for crowd control

"Stink Bombs for Riot Control

    They're coming to the US:

It's called Skunk, a type of "malodorant," or in plainer
language, a foul-smelling liquid. Technically nontoxic but incredibly
disgusting, it has been described as a cross between "dead animal and human excrement." Untreated, the smell lingers for weeks.

The Israeli Defense Forces developed Skunk in 2008 as a
crowd-control weapon for use against Palestinians. Now Mistral, a
company out of Bethesda, Md., says they are providing it to police
departments in the United States.


The Israelis first used it in 2008 to disperse Palestinians protesting in the West Bank. A BBC video shows its first use in action, sprayed by a hose, a system that has come to be known as the "crap cannon."

Mistral reps say Skunk, once deployed, can be "neutralized" with a
special soap ­ and only with that soap. In another BBC video, an IDF
spokesman describes how any attempt to wash it via regular means only
exacerbates its effects. Six weeks after IDF forces used it against
Palestinians at a security barrier, it still lingered in the air."

Yeah, cause what suppressed citizens need is having stink bombs that smell like a cross between shit and rotting flesh hurled at them by police for protesting.