Missing UI after updating windows 8 to 8.1

So I've had windows 8 for a while, and I never really cared enough to update to 8.1, I guess I never needed it. But I needed to update to get windows 10 just for the sake of updating. I got windows 8 from the store, the download and installation went smoothly, but when I boot up I don't see a UI. I press Ctrl + Alt + Del and got the task manager open and I managed to browse for chrome using the "Run New Task" where I'm typing this right now.
I can't screenshot but imagine a blank black desktop, with a mouse in the middle. If I press ctrl + alt + del I get the regular green menu where I can launch the task manager
. Once I do that, I get an error saying "Taskmgr.exe - Entry Point Not Found"
and below that "The procedure entry point
[email protected]@[email protected]@SAPEAV12@HHH@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library C:/Windows?System32?windows.ui.immersive.ddl.

I can't find a solution on google, so if anybody has any leads, please help me out

I'd write a copy of the 8.1 install media and boot from the CD, then run a repair. Seems like you've got some bad data in your system folder.


Oh god, well I've never done a repair before but just to make sure, I won't lose any personal files right? like games and music etc

That link I shared shows you how to do it without losing any of your personal data.

oh okay, thanks a lot mate!

No problem, hope you're able to get it sorted out.

So I can't access another computer to download the iso and do the steps, and this computer obviously lacks a UI so I can't do the steps here. If anyone has another solution, please let me know.