Missing letters & icons. Arch with Cinnamon

Just finished installing arch, I am using Cinnamon as my DE. The problem is that the text is all buggy and the icons on the toolbar show up randomly. Right now I only see nautilus. The time is missing as well as "menu". I can however still click on menu but when I do, I either see only "m"'s or "c"'s.
I am using nouveau with an old nvidia gpu which requires the 96.xx driver, so in order to get that working I will need to rollback xorg, but that is for another time.
During the installation I ran into a bit of trouble with getting an Xorg file. I would run:

 Xorg :0 -configure

But I did not get a new xorg.conf.new file. Instead I just decided I would startx and badaboom badabing, cinnamon was running, just with missing text.
I feel as though this may be a font issue or an issue with the driver/xorg, currently going through the wiki with no luck. Let me know what you think.