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Missing keyboard illumination on older Sony Vaio laptop


I’ve got an older 17" Sony Vaio laptop here which I want to upgrade from Windows 7 to Linux. For a quick installation I’ve used PopOS, everything works out of the box, besides the keyboard illumination.

From what I’ve read in several forums, I found a small workaround - the illumination works, as soon as I put the laptop in stand-by then wake it up. But before that, no way to get it to work. If any information is needed on the specs of the laptop, that’s the one: “SVE1711X1EB”.

Do you have any ideas, what might be the cause and how to fix that?

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Maybe a driver that isn’t immediately modprobe’d? So… It works AFTER a quick suspend?

Yes, it works after a quick suspend. Before that no way, it just stays dark. I’ve tried several different distributions from Ubuntu to Arch-based, every time the same. Unfortunately the Vaio series has no dedicate switches/key combinations for the illumination, it was only software based.


Start the laptop

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Maybe someone has written a utility for the keys and lights like the projects for Razer and others.

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There is a replacement utility on Github but it is from 2011 and there was a note that it might not work on all devices since there were several Vaios until Sony decided to drop them.

Starting closed, well… there has to be another option. :slight_smile:

Any other ideas?

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Any other ideas?