Missing a finger, looking for a WASD replacement

I guess this is an unusual request, but I've recently lost my left index finger in an accident .Using WASD is really frustrating now as its more WAS. I've been trying to see if I could use a 360 game pad for just movement but keep my mouse for aiming in games but i'd like to know if this will work before going out and spending money on one. I know Razer makes a gamepad but when I tried it out at the store the thumb stick felt more dpad than stick ( if that makes sense). 

 Sorry if this is a rambling mess as I'm still on a bunch of pain killers.


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Have you lost the whole finger? If not you could tape an extension or something, I guess. That is really unfortunate, sorry pal!

Replace the D key by E? 

Unfortunately had to remove part of the knuckle as well so that's a no go. My new GPU came in the day after, so that was a bummer.

You could hook up a wii  controller and nun-chuck and maybe use just the nun-chuck as the movement stick.

I am sure there is a better solution though.

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Seems to be a good option but requires a bit of tweaking to make work. The thumbstick is full analog like a 360 controller, the Razor ones are 8 directional like dpads.

However it uses the older DirectInput to pass the analog stick to games instead of the newer Xinput which most new games support.


This should fix that, it translates DirectInput calls into XInput so games should read the thumbstick like a 360 controller.

Outside of that, joysticks might be the best option depending on exactly how much you can use your index finger.

Hmmm, after giving it a little thought, how about you shift your fingers clockwise?

A -> Small Finger

W / S -> Ring Finger

D -> Middle Finger

And then have your CTRL / Shift or w/e you need on your mouse buttons (back and forward or invest in a G600 or something?]

A bunch of games won't support a controller and mouse at the same time infortunately :/

I'm real sorry about you finger man! Maybe try use the X key instead of D?


You could also try getting a custom hight X key so that it's easier to reach, so if you have a cherry MX keyboard or something like that you could just take it off, either mod it yourself or try call up someone for a very special request and get one made.


However their might be some custom hight ones around already, mainly because the have already invented those taller thumb sticks for controller (like scuff controllers etc.) and considering that it's even easier to mod a Cherry MX keyboard or one with removable keys then it shouldn't be too hard to find/make/get one.


if you do get a controller for some game though, only get a the 360 controller or a ps4 controller and download the program that makes the PC think it's an 360 controller. You can also just straight up wirelessly connect it to your PC (ps4 controller) with out any dongles, it can just use your PC's on board Bluetooth if ti has it!


Anyway, best of luck, and let us know how you end up getting on!

@OP your thumb can replace a lot of lost functionality due to the missing digit. I wou;d seriously look into getting another gaming peripheral such as a G13 or Orbweaver (orbweaver own here).

you could also consider getting a Stinky foot-board.

That is an unusual request indeed, might I ask what happened?

As for a solution you could do as you were thinking, using a program such as xpadder to convert analog stick motions into key presses. I cant think of much else other than trying to use the numpad or changing the key mappings of "E" and "D" around for every game, as Lafreux said. You might be able to find a joystick in a thrift store that has USB output and use that rather than a controller..

Orbweaver might help get around when games only allow M&K or Gamepad but not both. It's a digital 8 way switch like a D-Pad or a fightstick so you could map it to wasd and use the corners for A+W, W+D, D+S, S+A diagonals.

Sorry I have nothing here to help you, but loosing a finger is probably something I cannot live with. I'm sorry to hear this.

Maybe use your thumb to replace index finger. I think it will be the easiest for your muscle memory.  Depending on the size of your hand try using the V or B to replace D. Best of luck

I saw a instructable a while ago to turn a Wii Nunchuck into a USB Nunchuck:


This could be a cheap way around it, either move your thumb back and forth to space or use your thumb knuckle for space.

I don't have a G13 but I have an orbweaver. ask me any question about it and I can answer you. i even modded mine :P

Indeed it is an 8way stick. In the software you can set it to four way, diagonals act how you said in four way mode. Or you can set it to 8way. Personally I use them in 8way (it takes months of using it to be able to use it accurately) and have a button remapped to each direction

Orbweaver can be used as WASD for the finger but it will take a long time to get used (the orbweaver has a month log learning curve, WASD on the stick may add another 2weeks lol) to and you'll have to remap WAS or something else to jump because your thumb will be glued to the pad. fortuently remapping on the orbweaver is really easy.

Wow that is exactly what I was thinking of, and it is even picked up as Keyboard and Mouse so it should not interfere with games. 

Try a MMO gaming mouse, would help with hitting the number keys, also some of them have more buttons with more utility, try to use your other hand more. Or maybe learn to use a mouse left handed.

Now I want to mod my orbweaver and put that stick on it

Yeah do that, it will need a bit of training I think and than use SPACE or B to run. if this doesn't work, get a left-handed mouse and use the 4Finger hand for the mouse. You will have to train this too.

I don't know how to help you besides telling you not to worry too much about your finger. Real fully functional bionic limbs and appendages aren't far away at all. 5 years at the most for a single finger IMO. That shouldn't be hard to replace. And you know what, when the right piece of tech comes along that can replace the finger that you've lost, I'm sure the good folks here will help you obtain it :)