Mirrors edge is now playable on your pc

well at least the 2d side stroller flash version

hers a link if you want to play


pretty intense

you know whats even more intense?

doing the real thing


holy shit

ahh damn...I wanted to watch him break his back!

i cant run flash, my pc cant handle it

You must still have an apple I, go buy a decent computer, might I reccomend alienware.

alien ware ftl?

alien ware ftl.

i was kidding, i have 8500 Gt like u nate, remember lol

Ah yes, they do a similar thing here in the UK and France. Its called Parkoor, though why it has that name I have no idea lol.


Parkour* Not Parkoor. Lol


Parkour ftw

It's called 'free running' from what I've heard. I used to do shit like this when I played football. (when I was actually in shape)

(when I was actually in shape)


Frank, It's called Free Running in AMERICA. Just like how we call Futball Soccer. Same concept, but it didn't come from us. The real name is Parkour.

FRANK PLAYED FOOTBALL? what did you play? Im a offensive left tackle for my highschool, and i play d line too (d-end, tackle, nose... im 6ft 3 and 230lbs so they throw me anywhere for fat kids lol)