Mirrors edge catalyst pc

hyper = gimpworks?

Too early to tell, tbh I will not be playing it though


Hyper settings seems to be all over the place. There are tests, where nothing under 980Ti, 1070 and 1080 don't run Hyper, so what the hell...

Something on Hyper is completly wrong. Seeing that graph, I will not buy the game.

I would say wait for better more polished drivers...but it seems NVIDIA/AMD just release game drivers at launch of games now and that is it. But that is also 4K performance too which in a lot of the time is all over the place. And on top of that its a DICE game which also seem to launch broken.

if it looks like gimpworks, smells like gimpworks, walks like gimpworks...

but I suppose nvidia have to do something to make people upgrade :D

The FuryX beats the 980ti in every setting, except the last one. That smells so bad like Gimpworks.

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I'm waiting for Mirror's Edge Crimson Edition personally.

I'll walk myself out.

Nvidia just launched a ME driver a few days ago, do we know what driver version this graph is using?

It wasnt completely terrible

I might pick it up this week and see how it performs. I have a Gigabyte Windforce R9 Fury

Jesus... This is DICE and EA... They use Frostbite, and Frostbite is optimized for AMD... There is something wrong with the hyper settings...

It's an Nvidia specific setting meant to bolster their Pascal card. And I wouldn't exactly consider Frosbite an AMD optimized engine, only on specific such as recent Battlefield games.

enlighten me... How it is Nvidia specific setting, when it is made with Frostbite engine, it is DICE game and the engine itself is AMD optimized, like UBISOFT used to optimize for Nvidia's cards?
EA and AMD have a deal dating back from 2013... And they are still holding on to it. After all, EA would like to optimize for the consoles, and AMD have the consoles by the neck...

I could've mistaken the Nvidia driver for Hyper setting and concluded an Nvidia specific setting from that, so pardon my ignoramus. However, I wouldn't assume Mirror's Edge to be completely AMD bias either just because it's a Frosbite engine and in fact this game has no specific partnership to either company, no? Even other games that are AMD partnered don't always necessarily create a performance gap like an Nvidia would with their Gameworks titles, Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4 are perfect example.

Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4 are perfect example of gameworks titles?

I said optimized, not bias. Nvidia games are bias. But that is the thing, isn't it? AMD optimized titles work on everything. Nvidia optimizd titles don't run on anything. We all remember Arkham knight and Unity. And we can all see how enabling gameworks on whatever title dropf the framerate 20-25% momentarily.
For the lazy, EA statement:
"This does not exclude DICE from working with other partners to
ensure players have a great experience across a wide set of PCs for all
their titles.”

Closed vs open, doesnt really need an explanation or rant.

Let it all go and just relax :D

nvidia always have a chance at optimising for amd titles as they are open, they often can.. and do and beat amd as a result.

however gameworks titles have NEVER run better on an amd card, traditionally you get 960's outperforming fury x's because of a single setting that hardly makes any difference to the visuals at all.

I am not quite sure who is destroying my passion for gaming more... nvidia or microsoft.

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Dude, you just misread last part there. Let's do the breathing exercise. AMD partnered games don't always necessarily create a performance gap like an Nvidia would with their Gameworks titles. Allow me to reiterate, Crysis 3 and BF4 are perfect example of AMD partnered games that don't create a performance gap like a Gameworks title would.

Moreover, even though it may seem I put words in your mouth it is not my intention. However, I'm in no way out of line to use the word "bias" because to say optimized and bias aren't one in the same when it comes to video game development these days is a bit naive. You said it yourself, > EA and AMD have a deal dating back from 2013. That is a text book definition of bias. A game being "optimized" for a specific brand of card is textbook "bias".

Chill both of you :D

Not worth arguing over

Closed vs open, leave it there... and go and play doom instead :D

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