Mirroring HTC One to PC with sound and pref full-screen mode

Hey, just got an Watch TV app on my phone, but i want to watch the channels on my TV.. My TV is hooked up to my PC, so i just need an app that can mirror my phone to my PC.. No rooting and pref free or cheap, with sound and pref a full-screen mode. I just need it for one month, so don't wanna buy a USB - HDMI adapter..  Any ideas? :)

Why wouldn't you root your M7? HTC built the software on the phone for the maker community and they highly suggest rooting the phone for optimal use (They still honor warranty after rooting and even unlocking the boot loader) If you were to root your device it'd be a simple task to do this, other wise I don't think it's possible unles you have a smart TV or you get a Chromecast key.

I'm not comfortable doing things like rooting.. Things can go wrong and I really don't want to deal with it.. What pros and cons is there to rooting? 

There is no risk with rooting, there are no cons on the M7 because you're still covered by HTC's warranty, and you basically allow apps to gain full access to your phone's hardware. So you can use apps like Titanium Backup, which make back-ups/recovery work like windows' restore points. There's a lot of awesome stuff you can do once rooted. Literally no risk to do it, you can't mess it up it's impossible. 

HTC has a guide on rooting it, but this gives you a better picture.