Mirror my laptop on the spare drive?

so i have an old toshiba p500 that has 2x hdd's in it, both of which are 500gb. since theres no raid capability is there any software out there that can make like a live mirror of all my data as i continue to use it onto my 2nd hdd so that if the primary dies out i can just boot from the 2nd hdd? or if thats impossible for the boot option at least take out the spare and plug it into another pc to grab all the data i need off it?

You should be able to do a software raid through windows. I can post up a tutorial later on if you like.

I think you can clone your hard drive using a free programm you can find online. You could also use a paid one.

So you basically want a software raid 1?
Is there any option to do it in the bios?
If you just want to clone the drive incrementally you can use clonezilla but this wont happen on the go.