Mint : Permanently mounting several hard drives?

So far I've only been running Mint on a single disk, with all my data on the NAS. Windows had 3 disks (one for the OS, one for VM disks and one for local data.
I figure it's time to turn that around, so I'm currently testing this by mounting partitions on the laptop, more specifically into folders on the desktop. It's not going well though.

Here's what I did so far :

1 ) Created a folder on my desktop, called PartitionTest
1 ) opened terminal and entered ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid to get the partition ID
2 ) backed up my original /etc/fstab and opened it with sudo nano /etc/fstab
3 ) in the fstab file, I entered UUID="the partition ID" /home/username/Desktop/PartitionTest ext4 defaults 0 0 in the file
4 ) saved the file
5 ) sudo mount -a
6 ) sudo chown -R username:username /home/username/Desktop/PartitionTest
7 ) sudo chmod -R 755 /home/username/Desktop/PartitionTest

This is a mild adaptation of the tutorial on

This automatically mounts the partitions indeed, but now I have both the folders and the disk icons on the desktop. I'm fine with either option, bot not both at the same time. I can't remove the folder or the disk from my desktop, and can't unmount it either.

So I tried again, this time creating a /storage folder as per the tutorial. Inside that I put a PartitionTest2 folder.
Now I don't get the disk on my desktop, but I need to navigate to /storage every time I want access to that partition. Creating a shortcut to the desktop doesn't work, the OS says that the shortcut is bad and wants me to delete it.

Is there any way I can permanently mount disks/partitions and show them on the desktop or in my user folder rather than having them tucked away somewhere inconvenient?
I could live with the /storage location on my own PC, but I will soon need to setup Linux for a friend of mine who has 8 hard drives in his PC and likes to have quick and easy access to his data.

you can turn off the icons on your desktop via mints settings


You could mount them in /media, then they will show up on your desktop when mounted.

owww ... I feel so dumb right now ...

That does the trick indeed. Weirdly enough, I was in that very settings menu earlier this week to disable the "computer" icon on the desktop because I never used that anyway.

@ Dexter : So permanently mounting them in /media works too? Gonna try that real quick then. Good thing I made 10 partitions to play with.

Yeah, that's how I mount my network shares. You could also mount them in the home directory or wherever and create a symbolic link on your desktop.

I just disable all the icons I hate a messy desktop

I always mount these types of storage drives under /data (just preference), but user directory works fine. I then link them to where I want them (generally ~/{video,music,docs,etc}) how are you linking them? ln -s /source /destination should work without trouble.

Id advise against mounting to /media, /media is meant for removable media not permanent mounts. It wont have any adverse affects thats just the FHS standard.

I tried linking by both CTRL-SHIFT-dragging the Partition2 folder from /storage to the desktop and by doing it via the "ln -s" command. In both instances I got a shortcut with a cross on top of the arrow.

Mounting in /media works just fine indeed, and it has the added bonus that I can keep my desktop icons active, something that comes in handy if you're working with sticks and external HDDs a lot. I do agree that it isn't ideal to mess with the FHS standard, though. But then again, isn't that what I'd be doing anyway if I create a /data or a /storage folder?

Try running the ln command with sudo, it could be a permission problem.

I re-installed Mint so I could start fresh (and because installing it in Dutch was a bad idea) and now I can link the /storage/Partition1 to the desktop just fine. Go figure.

Well, this works just fine now.
I've installed a VM disk onto one of the mounted partitions to make sure that works too.
Saving files straight to one of the partitions works as well, so once I have MakeMKV set up in Linux, I should be able to rip straight to the largest SSD.

Tomorrow I'll have a go at permanently mounting those network shares. Now time for bed, it's almost 7AM here.
This is becoming a pattern really. I start messing around and the next thing you know it's getting light outside again.