Minor Gaming Rig

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I would like everyone to help critique this build in the most positive way. So, this rig is going to be used for some gaming (like once a month,) and mostly school. However, I would like to try overclocking in a M-ITX form factor. I do not play that much graphic intensive games as I used to and personally a nVidia GTX 750ti is relatively perfect for my conditions. I have a budget of less than or equal to USD$900.


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If possible, I'd try and fit an SSD in there. It seems you have enough in your budget for one, even if it's only a measly 64 GB only for the OS and a few apps. An SSD would make your build a lot more responsive.

Generally, I wouldn't recommend getting a 750 Ti, especially in a $900 budget, but the low heat/power consumption will be extremely beneficial in an ITX rig, and you've stated you aren't playing graphically intensive games.

It might be worthwhile to get a better power supply. The CX series is Corsair's lowest end line of PSUs.

Thanks for the quick reply. Could you potentially pick a decent SSD and/or a better PSU.  


I did minor things. This is how I would make it. I personally really like AMD GPUs because they come with free games and they are god cards too. I have three r9 270s. They mine extremely well for the money (if you are in to that) and games easily get to high settings with no stuttering (bioshock infinite, civ 5, glsl shaders in minecraft). The card also handles over-clocking well. Just my two cents, but it is your computer and you might like nvidia better.

I didn't change the PSU because I have two and they work fine for me.


This is a bit more expensive I know.. but it has a motherboard that is made for overclocking and a GTX 760 ACX, which for not too much more is MUCH more powerful than the 750ti. You can just throw in a GTX 750ti and be on budget.

Here is an alternative build with an AMD r9 270x that is still in budget.. and has the asus overclocking motherboard




So I made some changes based on past experience. I changed the motherboard to a Z87 Stinger form EVGA. When overclocking an ITX board some just are not up to the task. This board does really great job. Is on the cheap right now. Used to cost 210$. 

For the GPU I changed it to a XFX made AMD R7 265 was a tad bit cheaper and comes with two games. Also performs a litter better than the GTX 750 Ti. And works great for Open CL apps that you may use in school. Here is some benchmarks to prove that. http://www.techspot.com/review/783-geforce-gtx-750-ti-vs-radeon-r7-265/ If you just like Nvidia more that's fine no worries. Everyone has there preference. If you do go with the GTX 750 Ti I would suggest spending the extra 5 bucks and getting the super clocked card. EVGA uses better binned GPU's for the SC's. And the SC's have a copper core on the cooler where the basic don't Help it run a bit cooler. Not that there hot chips at all.

And I changed your Power supply to a Sea Sonic. Never want to cheap out on the PSU. I like this one because Sea Sonic PSU's are just most of the time bullet proof. Will deliver cleaner power to your components and in turn helps achieve high clocks with less fuss. It's modular and will make building in a smaller form factor easier. And uses a ball baring fan instead of a crappy sleeve baring. Ball baring lasts longer. And if your fan starts to go out you will know it because it will make all kinds of noise. Sleeve baring fans can go out with out a beep.

Anyway hope this helps. Good luck with your build. Sorry for anything I may have misspelled. Its late and I just want to play some games and go to bed.