MINISFORUM UM560XT & 64gb ecc ram or non-ecc ram?

can the MINISFORUM UM560XT be used with 64gb of ecc ram like this set


or a pair of these


or non-ecc ram ? like this

Timetec 64GB KIT(2x32GB) DDR4 3200MHz

an for either whats the max ram speed for 64gb of ram that the UM560XT can run 3200mhz or higher

There aren’t any non-Pro Ryzen Mobile CPUs with ECC support. Even if there were, MINISFORUM would need to support it, and that’s a tall ask.

From Wendell’s review (that you should definitely watch), it does support 3200 CL22. You will not likely be able to run any higher than that. I haven’t used that kit of RAM, but I have used the Team Group kit w/ other Minisforum models successfully.