Minisforum trust issues

So I pre-ordered the UM590/UM690 back in December 2022. I had concerns about the virtualization capabilities and requested a refund at the end of December/beginning of January. I didn’t stay on top of it and spaced out due to shiny things. Well I not too long ago ordered the BD790 which is when I realized the order from 2022 was still not refunded or filled. I reached out and they said they would refund the 2022 order to my paypal account as it had been so long, that was around a week ago. Today I can no longer login to my minisforum account, as it says “Account is not exist”.

Have I just gotten horrible luck with this company and this is a corner case? or have some others had some less than stellar experiences with orders and follow through from Minisforum when doing direct purchases form their store?