MiniSAS to Sata

So at the moment I’m using a Xeon board for homeserver but have an icy dock I wanna use but don’t have the Sata ports but I got 2x mini sas, would these cables work?

Bought 2 of them for my 6 bayhot swap drives.

Would it just be plug and play in Truenas scale?

Provided these are the right connectors, Truenas will have no problems finding the drives. Do note there are several Mini SAS connectors available that are not interchangeable! So make sure you have the correct connector on the end!

Anyway I could find out? The specs to my Motherbosrd, ASUS Z11PA-U12s only seems to say SAS-HD

Should probably work fine, i have SAS to 4x SATA in my old supermicro server running normal sata drives on that too, if i remember correctly SAS controller will run both SAS and/or SATA drives. What wouldnt work would be SAS drive in a SATA enclosure

Here’s a good start:

I would recommend using your eyes.

Term mentioned here:

On the motherboard or raid card
SFF-8087, mostly popular with SAS 2, 6GB/s (but the connector have support for 12GB/s).

SFF-8643, mostly popular with SAS 3, 12GB/s.

On the other end
SFF-8482, can handle both SAS and SATA.

The P on the labels stands for Plain old SATA.

Example of the connector on a card
Raid card with two SFF-8087 connectors.

Raid card with two SFF-8643 connectors. (Top right.)

There’s also external contacts that looks like the cables connecting to the motherboard but with metal housing, but we’ll save those for another day :slight_smile: