Mining rig set up

Hi all,

I am currently setting up my first mining rig, running Ubuntu 16.04. I have 3 gpu cards, Radeon R9 290x , Radeon 7950, Nvidia 1070. I am attempting to set up rig however when I enter 'ethminer -G -M' I receive the message "No GPU device with sufficient memory was found, Can't GPU mine. Remove the -G argument" Has anyone encountered this message before? Does anyone know if this can be fixed?

Any and all feedback welcomed!

you probably don't have OCL/cuda set up correctly. Also, don't set up a mining rig with that amount of hardware unless you can switch coins or dualmine.

Maybe look at nicehash.

As much as I love me some Linux, you'll want Windows for that rig. You cannot use the new proprietary drivers for your Radeon 7950 (at least, I don't think so anyways). The old proprietary drivers don't work with any modern distribution of Linux. AMD's got us between a rock and a hard place on that one. Or you can drop the 7950 and just mine on the other two.

Hi guys,

Many thanks for the feedback. I am currently using cpu for Monero and plan to use the gpus for ethereum. I am still struggling to get the opencl installed on system with my gpus. The kernals and X seem to be the latest issue. I may have to make the switch to windows as this
knowledge of ubuntu is very specialised and not much aid can be found..

Might just want to rent the hashpower using nicehash or similar, mate. Eth isn't profitable except at major scale, especially now that the price has cratered.

Also, you don't have to deal with shapeshifting your shitcoins with a hashpower renting service.

... uhm, you're a bit late I think.