Mining powered by Radeon Pro WX Series

Greetings, So it seems to have become industry standard these days to use dedicated gaming cards like the AMD Radeon RX 570 or Nividia GeForce GTX 1070ti to mine cryptos…

Though AMD has another product in there line up, that not too many people are actually paying close attention to, the Radeon Pro WX Series cards,

for a few reasons, it just seems more logical to me that the Pro WX GPU is more optimized for mining cryptos since its design leans more towards crunching numbers, running complex mathematics & algorithms etc…

so i would like to get peoples feed back about setting out to build a small rig using 3 x WX series GPU’s… the challenge seems to be, which cards would perform at an optimal rate, the WX 7100 - WX 5100 or even the WX 4100…

WX 4100 kicks in at 16 threads, WX 5100 - 28 threads & WX 7100 - 32 threads, for some reason i just think the WX 4100 could match an RX 570 with 32 threads or the WX 5100 with 28 threads could match…

what do you all think ?.. Happy Holidays :^)

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The keyword here is complex, as in heavy on double precision (=FP64 or DP). Industry and target group for the professional cards want rock solid stability and need the drivers to be certified for all kinds of software (Catia, AutoCad, Solidwords, etc.)
Caveat: The WX series is targeted at creators, so not much going on in terms of FP64 to my knowledge.
Vega Frontier Edition also flops (haha) in the FP64 department at a measly 819GFLOPS (Rate compared to FP32:
Could get a used FirePro W8100 (or W9100) and try it out. Those cards are good at FP64.

Side note: The cards you mean are called WX7100 for example. You got that mixed up with Ryzen naming scheme.

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whoops yeah sorry, i edited the typos

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so your saying that none of the the WX series can match the FirePro W series cards at FP64 1:2 FP32 performance. ?

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I think AMD has given up on the CAD/simulation market for this generation.
I should probably mention that I have no clue as to what is good for crypto mining.

LOL well i dont know the specifics about FP64 compared to FP32 & single or double precision processing, does single or double processing really make that much of difference !? … dont know …

maybe there are configuration commands or environment variables some-one can apply to get what is needed… hmmm

my current rig with 3 AMD RX 570’s blows out 100 MH’s per second, but with alot of config & variable tweaks… out of the box around 80 MH’s… so i wonder if the WX series can even come close…


could also be a power consumption issue. minors look for hashes per watt more than just overall hash. If the card consumes too much it wont be worth it because power bills.

I suspect theres a reason why people jump to gaming gpu’s and not workstation gpu’s

If you’re planning on buying these cards save your money and go for cloud mining. Cheaper and more profit. Only thing cards are really good at still is ETH.

Workstation GPU’s use like half the power of a dedicated gaming card… iam in Montreal Canada, electricity is dirt cheap here, so that is never a concern really… a rig pulling 1000 watts from the wall is between 70 - 80 $ per month

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i dont agree entirely, because most of the cryptos have not reached high difficulty levels yet & many are still very undervalued… with 3 x RX 570s’ i mine ETH at 100 MH’s…

most other cryptos my hashrate is between 200 - 300 MH’s… so that is why i dont really mine ETH anymore, ETH has a 100 million cap & 96 million have been mined…

i make between 50 & 100$ per day mining Electroneum for ex, price is at 8 cents per unit…

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i think what i really need to do is try to get in contact with Claymore & see what he says, because i know very well he develops single & dual precision apps that doesn’t seem to be any problem…

the Radeon Pro Duo seems to be designed specifically for that purpose, to run at optimal dual precision ?? or am i too far out of the box LOL

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I am really interested in Electroneum mining, would like to hear more about this, and setting up a mining rig. I like your idea of using WX 5100, mostly because it uses 75 watts or less. Low energy per hash . Our power cost here in Wisconsin is .12/kw hour.

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