Mining Feathercoin Solo?

I have 1100KH/s and I'd like to mine Feathercoins without a pool. Can someone instruct me how to do this? I am posting this in the Litecoin forum because the other currencies subforum appears dead. Feathercoin is based on scrypt, just like Litecoin is. If it helps you, whenever you read Feathercoin replace it with Litecoin (when you could solo mine Litecoin and it was worth 1$ a coin) in your head.

Also, I have estimated that I will get 1100KH/s with the hardware below. Is my estimate accurate?

ATi 7970 2000mem 1140 core: 750KH/s

ATi 7850 1500mem 855 core: 350KH/s

ATi 2600XT ?core ?mem: ?KH/s

Dual Intel Xeon X5462 3.2core 900mem: ?KH/s



And lastly, what hashrate would I get from all the above, and a:

GTX 680 1750mem 1000core: ?KH/s