Mining cards are on sale/pre order in some markets?

So I was searching for a gpu on an estonian website and found this product.
Is it a leak, or are they selling these worldwide?

Yes, it was in the news a while back. They’re selling “mining specific” cards at a discount.

Although I’d add that this won’t help shortages. Large miners care very little about prices if availability dries up, and you can’t just magically ramp up twice the chip production in half a release cycle.

All this will do is further shorten the supply of gaming cards, because it segments the market and splits the finite GPU ASIC supply between the two, where only one segment (miners) are indiscriminate.

Furthermore it curtails the used market for disenfranchised gamers looking for GPUs in the future.

This helps miners, and AIB partners, but certainly doesn’t help gamers.


Sadly, I doubt anything will. GPU manufactures won’t produce to many GPUs, because they can’t be sure this increased demand will last. :frowning:

The worst thing is that this will make the market worse than them just doing nothing. It’s a cash grab.

Write to your local AIB Partner and let them know you don’t like this new development

AIB partners are companies like Sapphire, MSI etc?
I doubt they really care to whom they sell their cards…

It was a joke, a play on “write your local representative”

Of course they don’t care, otherwise they wouldn’t be segmenting the market at considerable cost to gamers.

:smiley: I just feel like Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy. In my defense, I was not familar with the acronym AIB…