Mining BITCOIN without OS

Hey guys, I have an unused computer laying around (pretty good specs) and I want to mine with it, but not using any OS. Is there anyway to do it? I can run linux on it but I can't seem to get it to work on linux. So yeaa any help?

Technically no, due to the fact you require networking which is an upper level thing.

However, if that wasn't required you might be able to run a command line miner from DOS, but it would only run on the CPU due to lack of driver instructions for the GPU.

I found THIS and gave it a quick read and seems to cover what's needed. The steps are the same if you are using Ubuntu and Kubuntu. 

Could you help me with setting it up on linux ubuntu 13.04? 

First mistake is trying to use Ubuntu 13.04. try ether an earlier version of ubuntu 11? or Arch.