Minimum Space Needed For Windows 7 On SSD

I've recently seen how fast and efficient SSD's are and would really like to get one, however they are still fairly expensive for someone going to highschool. I want to know the minimum amount of space I need in an SSD JUST FOR WINDOWS 7, no games or media, just what comes packaged in Home Premium. I've seen alot of answers on other forums that can go all over the place, so any help would be appreciated.


  • 16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)

Just to clarify I plan on installing the 64 bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium

20 g plus room for all the updates :) usually around 33, 34g

I just picked up and installed a ssd with a fresh install of windows 7 64bit. with all updates current, im at 31gb.


your gonna love it. boot times and game load times are much, much better.

I've only got a 64gb ssd for my boot drive and after 6-7 months use I'm up to 40gb used. It would probably be less if I were more thorough with where things were being installed and cleaning up the junk files.

Don't forget to take into account gigs of update files, swap file, etc depending on your build and how often you clean house.

I have a 60 gb ssd with windows 7 and all my programs installed on it, quite a few programs i may add and i only used up 35 gb, I can not think of a way to reach the maximum capacity unless I start installing games on it.

I take it you're not into programming, photo editing, etc then. :-p