Minimum - 3rd Person Moba-like Shooter


Started on Cod on the wii to ps3, moved to pc. Started playing League of Legends. I have recently fallen in love with this very young game called Minimum. So far there is only 1 mode called Titian, were each team has a titian that is ai controlled and players can hurt, but get their power from crystals the players get in the farming phase. Players also get powered up weapons for each kill confirmed. And you build armor which gives you different positive and negative stats to make you able to play in any role you would like.  


I think the potential in this game is huge and recommend you guys check it out. 


Only downside in my opinion is unreal engine and it's in beta so it kinda shits on bad computers.

try smite.. it's ez to learn and play. may not be fps but it's a 3rd person moba