Minimalist tenkeyless mechanical keyboard

Can anyone recommend me a minimalist tenkeyless mechanical keyboard. Preferably Cherry MX Brown switches. Also I would like for the print on the keys to be on the front, preferably sub $100. Any recommendations? 

well this is over your budget but I'm using this keyboard. it's the most minimalistic design I could find online.

Ducky has a few non-backlit keyboards in TKL that are good, and I can echo the filco suggestion. There's also the poker 2, though it's 60%, not TKL. Vortex also has the KBT Oni, and it's pretty good considering it comes with PBTs. None of these are exactly sub 100, though. 

If you want something really minimal and sexy go for the Tex Beetle its got a really thick durable metal chassis and is just good old unlit black and silver. I also like the Poker 2 if you don't mind the loss of your function keys and arrow keys. You could also check out the race by the same company as the Poker its also pretty sexy. By going the non-backlit route your going to get some significantly nicer key-caps that will last much longer.

Looks like Fry's has the Stealth:


The stealth is unavailable at Fry's. I am pretty sure it is discontinued at this point.

Any experience with varmilo keyboards? Slightly outside my price range but they are beautiful. I especially like the white front printed keys. I can't seem to find them anywhere other than massdrop. Also can't find any reviews.